What is OJT?

OJT or On-Job-Training is a program aimed at giving valuable work experience, especially for Technical and Vocational students.  In these programs, student-trainees get exposed to actual work place environments and work place situations that help them learn and develop more ideas and sharpen basic skills learned in school.  At Ray White PNG, we allow OJT for students in  areas of Business administration procedures, electronics, electro-mechanical works and more.  Our highly skilled managers and technicians are willing and capable mentors, who provide guidance and lessons not only about the trade, but also on developing good work ethic, practicing effective work habits, and instilling the habit of occupational work and safety and self-discipline.

How do I apply for work experience with Monian Ltd Trading as Ray White Papua New Guinea?

To apply for work experience with Ray White PNG, you must be a registered student in any of the institutions offering the OJT program.  The institution will take charge of making the proper arrangements with our offices.

What are the lists of Institutions to further my knowledge?

To date, we have trained students from:

  • Badili Vocational School, Port Moresby
  • Don Bosco Technological Institute, Port Moresby
  • Port Moresby Technical College, Port Moresby
  • Fissoa Vocational Center, Kavieng
  • Aneleva Vocational Center, Kavieng


Most recent Testimonials                                                                                             

Ray White give our on the job trainees evaluation forms, which provide a reflection of their work experience with Ray White Papua New Guinea.

 Q. What process did you go through to get on the job training with Ray White?

  • “Our school principle arranged for an interview with the Human resource manager at Ray White after short listing. Then we were asked to come for an interview…” Thelma Dawi
  • “I went through an interview process after completion of my training duration of 3 months with PNG Life Education Institute” Koiba Godou.
  • “My teacher contacted the HR department as well as sent a cover letter and later I filled out a waver form and started my OJT” Ralph Malken 
  • "My employment supervisor contacted the project manager at Lemus Island and arranged interviews and after I started my training for 3 months" Maraeng Penias, New Ireland Province


Q. What have you learnt?

  • “I’ve learnt quite exciting jobs such as emailing, faxing, recording incoming and outgoing cheques and also learnt how to deal with tenants at reception and communicate with them on the phone” Thelma Dawi 
  • "Sub-board installation, including wire termination, wiring of GPO, lights and fans and general small genset maintenance" Maraeng Penias, New Ireland Province


Q. How has/will this benefit you?

  • “The training has given me practical experience in regards to the courses that I took at PNGLEI, and I wish to stay with the company in the future” Bernadeth Warrey
  • “With my experience now, I believe I have the potential to perform to the best of my ability if given a job somewhere.” Thelma Dawi
  • “This has benefited me in enhancing my skills and knowledge in dealing with electronics equipment, especially troubleshooting, installation and fixing.” Ralph Malken
  • "Since my successful training, I was accepted for full time employment as trainee electrician" Maraeng Penias, New Ireland Province  


Q. What have you enjoyed most about your work experience at Ray White?

  •  “The most I enjoyed at Ray White is meeting different people at reception and attending to their queries which helped in my confidence building and improving my communication between clients and staff.” Thelma Dawi


Q. Is there anyone you have worked closely with at Monian that has taught you something useful?

  • “Yes, Heather (admin), Harry (IT) and Maribel (administrative manager) Heather has taught me how to scan documents and Harry and Maribel are always helpful when questions arise.” Bernadeth Warrey
  • “Henry has taught me to be a top courier in the company. Ellie and Mary have taught me how to use the radio, fax and MYOB.” Koiba Godou
  • "Ulysis Ocampo, who we call Boi (Certified Electrician) taught me to treat my fellow work mates like I wanted them to treat me and any problems with my work, I had to ask for help immediately." Maraeng Penias


Q. Would you recommend OJT to others?

  • “Yes, because the working environment is suitable to my needs. Also I have learnt so much within just 1 month period” Raka Suria
  • “Yes because the organization and the staff here are always helpful in training you in different departments” Bernadeth Warrey
  • “Yes. I have been with the company for my on the job training for 5 weeks duration and have had the chance to see, understand, experience and recognize the different roles and services they provide in the country” Koiba Godou.


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